Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Half Dozen Facial: This Week's Egging Hits Chow, Threet, and Haden

Alright, not much time on my hands this week as law school has a firm grasp around my neck (and it's only my first week!).

Since I'm in a cranky mood, let's throw our half dozen of eggs for this week.

One Egg: Norm Chow took a serious pay cut to coaching assistant with Utah. What were you thinking, Norm? Here is an egg to the face for leaving beautiful California.

Two Eggs: Steven Threet has yet to be cleared to play in the Spring for Arizona State. Many people (like myself) will rely on Threet to fulfill any ludicrous prediction made for the Sun Devils in 2011. These eggs are for you and me until he is cleared.

Three Eggs: USC hosted an "Agent Awareness" summit this past week. While this is great since agent interaction seems to be a problem in Southern California, this reeks of irony and of the three eggs that I just threw at Pat Haden for trying to seem like the good guy in all of this.