Monday, June 20, 2011

Pac-12 Breakfast Links: 06.20.2011

*Los Angeles is once again trying to put together a new downtown stadium that would host an NFL team and possibly Pac-12 Football events.  LA can’t sustain an NFL team.  Haven’t they learned this yet? [LA Times]

*Speaking of Southern California, LA Coliseum tells USC they can’t afford $60 million in renovations.  Since an NFL team is doom to die in LA, hopefully their other pro team can get at least get a new stadium. [LA Times]

*Now that Oregon has hit the map of NCAA violations, things are getting quite ridiculous in this corrupt organization.  My guess is at least three more programs will be revealed as violators before the offseason is through. [State Journal]

*USC is finally realizing that Pete Carroll has moved on.  He has moved on and so should you. [Conquest Chronicles]

*If the former Pac-10 members thought they were underexposed, imagine how Utah felt all those years.  [Salt Lake Tribune]

*Can UCLA pass the “Eye Test”?  Early prognosis says their fans might need glasses. [Bruins Nation]

*Mega-expansion was the rave all last summer.  I personally thought it would have been awesome. Could there still be a chance that the Pac-12 becomes the Pac-16? Probably not for a few years. [The Husky Haul]