Thursday, May 26, 2011

Daily Breakfast Links: 05.26.2011

*USC's appeal on NCAA's sanctions didn't go quite as well as Trojan fans were hoping. I agree that the punishment was a little harsh, but don't do the crime if you can't pay the time. [ESPN]

*In the meantime, these sanctions placed on USC have apparently not hurt them on the recruiting trail.  The Trojans landed four-star offensive tackle Max Tuerk after he told other schools he wanted to wait on a decision.  Lane Kiffin can definitely work some magic.  [Rivals]

*Well, one good thing that came out of the NCAA’s appeal rejection is that it gives a boost to the other teams in USC’s division.  The title chances of the five other teams in the Pac-12 South just got slightly better.  I still like ASU to take (but probably by default).  [Tucson Citizen]

*Oddly enough, the NCAA released its Division I Academic Progress Rates this week and the majority of Pac-12 schools continue to improve.  But then again, if it’s a rating system made by the NCAA, it is probably fucked up slightly flawed.  []

*Leave it to South Park to tell you exactly how it is in the rudest and abrupt way as possible.  Cartman seeks advice from Colorado University, poking fun of the NCAA the entire way.  Love it, especially after today.  [YouTube]