Thursday, May 26, 2011

USC Football: 5 Reasons USC’s Failed Appeal is Not the End of the World

Unless you just woke up, you already heard about USC’s losing its appeal in regards to sanctions handed down by the NCAA.

Ya, this completely sucks Trojans fans, but as Ted Miller said so eloquently, “Rant and rage...then move on.”  

In case you needed something to make you feel better after a day of dreary news, here are five reason that should turn your day right around.

No. 5: First off, come on!  This wasn’t really a surprise.  No one really believed that the NCAA was going to appeal their own ruling. That’s like asking a judge to overturn his verdict without presenting new evidence. If you went “all in” emotionally on this appeal, you might want to start checking your feelings at the door.     

No. 4: Because of the sanctions, the first Pac-12 season will be played with a cloud of shenanigans.   If USC finishes with the best record in the South (which is likely), USC fans will be hooting and hollering about this Pac-12 “Chump”ionship Game for years to come.  So, at least we have that to look forward to.

No. 3:  Despite the loss of scholarships, USC will always (ALWAYS!) finish amongst the top recruiting classes in nation.  Recruits still want to play under the bright lights of Hollywood.  These sanctions won’t change that one bit.  Hell, they just signed a four-star recruit yesterday.

No. 2: Think of it as giving the other Pac-12 South teams a head start.  

No. 1:  Hey, at least you’re not UCLA.