Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pac-12 Breakfast Links: 06.16.2011

*Ex-Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier has three Pac-12 teams (Arizona State, Washington State and Oregon) left on his list. I’m not sure if this head-case is really needed on either team.  [Star Advertiser]

*Speaking of ex-quarterbacks, Colorado’s former QB Cody Hawkins was named to USA’s football roster.  That brings me to the question: What the hell is the USA Football team? [Mile High Buzz]

*Chip Kelly suspended Cliff Harris indefinitely for his reckless driving incident.  I wonder what his definition of “indefinitely” is?  Probably 11 weeks. [ESPN]

*Let the Internet’s debating begin about Cliff Harris’ fate.  It’s not too late for him to enter NFL’s supplemental draft.  [SB Nation Bay Area]

*According to his dad, Stanford’s Head Coach David Shaw’s nickname is “Dr. Blitz”.  The newly appointed coach definitely has the talent at linebacker this year to live up to this fictitious doctorate. [Go Stanford]

*With several Pac-12 games scheduled for Friday nights, the illusion that this night of the week is just for prep football has been shattered.  Although it sort-of ends this “tradition”, it’s definitely a step in the right direction for the conference [Oregonian]   

*Speaking of moving forward, Larry Scott is addressing the lingering issues facing the NCAA and its players by suggesting the players get more money from the Pac-12’s new deal.  Spectacular idea! [Denver Post]