Monday, May 9, 2011

Breakfast Links: 05.09.2011

*The spring has come and gone leaving several great nuggets for Pac-12 Football fans to chew on over the next few months.  Bud Withers does a great job summarizing the injuries and emergences for every team.  [Seattle Times]

* Trey Griffey, Ken Griffey Jr.’s son, is being courted by Oregon, UCLA, and Washington State. Standing large at 6’2”, 185 pound, Trey has the potential to be an extremely dangerous wide-out. Although his talent is still a bit raw, it is fun to imagine a Griffey making dazzling plays on the gridiron. [Lost Letterman, You Tube]

*Chip Kelly gave an inspirational speech to U.S. Soldiers after Oregon’s spring game.  The group singing of the Ducks fight song was a nice touch, too.  [Oregonian]

*The Pac-12’s 12-year, $3 billion rights deal with ESPN and FOX is eye-popping, but at the same time well deserving.  Pac-12 Football deserves some serious respect and this exponential increase in national exposure is definitely a huge step in the right direction. [Multi-Channel News]

*Arizona and Oklahoma State moved their game from Saturday, Sept. 10 to Thursday, Sept. 8.  Watching quarterbacks Nick Foles and Brandon Weeden command the authority of the skies in prime time should be a great way to kick of the second week of the season. [Arizona Daily Star]