Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pac-12 Breakfast Link: 06.09.2011

*EA Sports’ release of its NCAA Football team’s rating is almost becoming as important as Blue Ribbon or Phil Steele.  Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy [The Daily Drip]

*The evidence against Ohio State is sure piling up. If their punishment by the NCAA isn't heavier than the recent sanctions handed to USC, then the system will continue to be a running joke. Checks? Come on, Pryor, that's Busch League. [Yahoo

*Tom Dienhart poses an interesting question “Do Cal official want to christen a re-done stadium with a new coach in 2012?”  If Tedford cant right the ship, seems like an intriguing possibility. [Belling Hamherald]

* Members of the Oregon’s Alumni Association were “generously” offered tickets to the LSU game at Cowboys Stadium for the not-so low price of $105 per ticket. Jerry-Town doesn't maintain itself I guess.  [Register Guard]

*An aging writer compares the BYU-Utah rivalry to himself, saying that the Holy War will slowly lose its meaning.  Sounds like there might be a new job open at his paper. [Desert News

*The campuses of Arizona State, Stanford, and UCLA better be prepared for a stampeded.  Colorado likes to plan parties on the road, so watch out for the roaming Buffaloes.  [Daily Camera]

*What if college football's conferences hit the shuffle button? SB Nation embarks on an interesting project doing just that. [House of Sparky]